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WFPT to join the 2018 OTC in Houston[ 04-30 13:13 ]
WFPTMC,2018 OTC,UNITED STATE,HOUSTON We ordered exhibiting booths from CPEIA, and our booth No. is 6461-5. Our products are tubing coupling,line pipe coupling and casing coupling for oil field. Welcome all friends to visit our booth during 2018 OTC.(offshore technology conference).
The Preparation of Oil Tubing[ 08-26 17:09 ]
27MnCrV is a new type steel with production TP110T steel grade oil casing, the conventional production TP110T steel grade oil pipe steel is 29CrMo44 26CrMo4. With respect to the latter two, 27MnCrV contains less Mo elements that can greatly reduce the cost of ...
Application of new Short Structure Greatly Reduces the Failure Rate of Tubing Joint[ 08-26 16:55 ]
"Since the launch of the tubing joint strength influence factors and standardized technology research project, has achieved initial success, we apply a new short structure the patented technology, the tubing joint improved, have not occurred again with sh...
In 2014, China's Gas Pipeline Design Coefficient to Reach the World Advanced Level[ 08-26 16:53 ]
In 2014, the research results of the industrial application of the design coefficient of gas transmission pipeline increase the strength of the design coefficient, the identification report pointed out: the results of the overall reached the international adva...
China Petroleum and Iron Pipe Line Pipeline Renovation Project Across the Board[ 08-26 16:51 ]
August 18, 19, China Petroleum iron Fu line pipeline renovation project final weld in Fushun City Shuncheng District Hui Yuan Xiang Jin Hua Cun completed successfully. At this point, the line of iron and reconstruction projects across the line, the Northeast o...
Development History of Oil Casing[ 08-26 16:50 ]
After nearly 20 years of efforts, China's oil production from scratch, from the low price to high price, from the low level to the API series products to the special needs of non API products, from quantity to quality has been close to the level of foreign oil...
Specification for Casing and Tubing[ 08-26 16:49 ]
SPEC5CT-1999 API (API Instiute), the American Petroleum Institute (American) is prepared and published by the American Petroleum Institute (Petreleum). Where: the casing: from the ground into the hole, as the lining of the shaft lining, the tube through the co...
Anticorrosion Measures of Oil Casing[ 08-26 16:46 ]
1, the first to do a good job of water quality standards, strict water quality testing and management. To implement the clean and dirty water injection, to strengthen the main water pipeline cleaning work, so that the station, water quality standards, reduce t...
Application of Oil Casing[ 08-26 16:44 ]
Oil casing pipe is a kind of large diameter pipe, which plays a role in the oil and gas well wall or well bore. Casing is inserted into the hole, with cement, to prevent the borehole to separate the rock and borehole collapse, and to ensure that the drilling m...
N80 Oil Casing[ 08-26 16:41 ]
N80 oil casing is an important equipment used in oil drilling, the main equipment also includes a drill pipe, core pipe and a casing, drilling collar and small caliber drilling pipe etc.. Domestic casing to geological drilling with steel after hot rolling and ...
Tubing Manufacture[ 08-26 16:22 ]
There are three classes of manufactured tubing: seamless,[1] as-welded or electric resistant welded (ERW), and drawn-over-mandrel (DOM).Seamless tubing is produced via extrusion or rotary piercing.Drawn-over-mandrel tubing is made from cold-drawn electrical-re...
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